Wooden Hangers Set of 40


Storage and Cleaning

These set of 40 high quality hangers are made of incredibly strong natural hardwood in an exceptionally clear smooth wood giving you peace of mind to efficiently hang coats, suits, trousers and jackets with ease. Highly efficient space saving hangers’ flat body that can easily fit clothing of all shapes and styles. These are the best hangers for maximizing closet storage space. With these strong clothes hangers, you can treat your favourite and heaviest clothes to the premium hanger they deserve. For additional space saving, they hangers come with a pant bar that will allow you to hang scarves, pants, skirts, jeans etc.

Smooth, convinient and perfectly-cut notches along the hanger shoulder allow you to easily hang shirts, blouses, and dresses etc. They have been sanded to a smooth, splinter-free finish and coated in clear lacquer for added protection. The shoulders also feature 2 precisely cut notches for hanging strappy shirts and dresses.


  • Colour: Natural
  • Item Weight : 5.1 Kg
  • Product Dimensions : 45 x 1 x 22.5 cm  

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