Collapsible Bamboo Laundry Basket


Storage and Cleaning

The Maison & White Laundry Basket is manufactured from natural, lightweight bamboo that not only offers a more sustainable answer to plastic wash bins but is also an eco-friendly alternative. Plus, when you’re not using it, it can be collapsed down! Included with the hamper is a completely removable 72L cotton lining, so when it’s time to put in your next load of washing you can just remove the lining rather than taking your whole basket.

You can also use the Maison & White Laundry Basket as a gorgeous storage basket. Why not gather the children’s toys together and keep them safe in this bamboo hamper?

 SIZE - Size: 59.5cm x 30.3cm x 39.7cm. 72L Capacity.


Brand  Maison & White
Item Weight 2.26 Kg
Product Dimensions 7 x 60.8 x 39.4 cm

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