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1. Create a perfect list

Create a visual list of items for your wedding, bridal shower, baby shower and birthdays. Each season, we source new products from top brands around the world. if you want certain items that are not on our website, contact us and we will source for the items based on your request.

2. Cash gift and Honeymoon fund

Request for cash using MyWishlistNg's honeymoon and cash gift funds. Cash gifts are ideal for group gifts, partial payment gifts, and those large expenses that you're saving up for. Give your guests the option of cash gifts so they can help you pay for that trip or experience. Your guests can conveniently send you cash gifts in any denomination by using bank transfer or a paystack account.

3. Create and Share your Event URL.

MyWishList offers customization options that makes it easy to create a beautiful URL perfectly tailored to your event and allows you share your event URL to family and friends announcing your registry. A custom URL directly takes your guest to your event page to enable them see your gift list and purchase.

4. Track Items.

MyWishlistNG prevents gift givers from duplicating gifts and allows you to easily track and manage items sold from the registry. Event dates can also be tracked to know if a registry is still active. You can also view your gifts and know the guests that bought it for you.

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