Why MyWishListNG?

MyWishlistNG allows you decide where you want your gifts to be delivered. Our customer service is here for you 24/7. On MyWishlistNG, There are no hidden costs. We make every rate available on our website.

Why is Gift Registry a good idea

A gift registry is very accessible and you can share your event URL to your family and friends.

Can't find the Registry I'm looking for?

On the homepage, select the occasion type and enter the occasion URL of the registrant you’re looking for. Click on find occasion.

Is my personal information secure or is my credit card safe?

Yes your personal information are safe. We do not pass your information on to any third parties without your permission and all our staff sign non-disclosure contracts. Our website uses SSL Technology to ensure all transmitted data, credit card, logins are secure.

What if my card doesn't work?

If your card doesn’t work for a bank transfer, call us on 08024512933.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping fee within Lagos state is ₦2,000.00 and outside Lagos state is ₦3,000.00. Delivery takes 5-7 working days. Some items may take longer.

Return Policy?

Returns/Refunds are only available for wish store items and not gift registry. Items need to be returned within 7 days from the date of delivery. Please allow 14 days from the date you send the items back for your refund to be received.

Why does Mywishlist have a 3.5% transaction fee for cash fund or honeymoon fund?

All credit card company charge a transaction fee to transfer money online. The 3.5% would be added to whatever amount your guests want to gift you.

What is group gifting?

Guests can contribute to items you registered as "group gift". Even if the item isn't 100% funded, you'll receive whatever amount contributed towards the gift.