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Binatone Garment Steamer


Find yourself a steamer that not just removes creases but also sanitizes your clothes. Binatone's GS-2001 MK2 is one such product. Smoothen your clothes with style!

  • Remove creases and smoothen your clothes in a modern way
  • Freshen and sanitizes clothes without use of harsh chemicals
  • Portable design for multi-purpose steaming/cleaning
  • Kills bedbugs and dust mites with high temperarure steam
  • 1.5L water tank for 40mins of continuous operation
  • Removable easy filled water tank
  • 1.6m total height, enough for long clothes steaming
  • 94cm length backing net
  • Ready to use in 60 seconds
  • Auto off for dry boiling protection
  • Wide double pole stand with integrated hanger
  • Crease press attachment for clothes
  • Fabric brush for delicates
  • Heat insulated glove
  • 1500W power