Small Salad Spinner with clear serving bowl


Serving pieces

  • FFORTLESS OPERATION AND FASTER DRYING: High speed geared mechanism, one-handed use and non-slip base make washing, drying and dressing your salad effortless and speedy. A couple of turns separates the water from your greens leaving them crisp and dry to allow dressing to adhere more efficiently. A unique lid locking system means you can rest assured that it won’t come apart during operation. The contemporary spinner has an easy water drain system making it a pleasure to use.
  • USE LESS CALORIFIC DRESSING: The integrated pouring drain can be used to add dressing to salad and vegetables. This distributes the flavour more efficiently meaning less is required to achieve the same great taste, keeping your salad what it was always intended to be… healthy!
  • TAKES UP LESS CUPBOARD/WORKTOP SPACE: The compact size of 16 cm diameter (6 inches) means that unlike other bulky salad spinners, this one won’t take up valuable space on work surfaces or in kitchen cupboards. It is an ideal size for a 2 person salad, meaning no wasted food either.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: The elegant, transparent bowl doubles up for use as a serving bowl and the basket is also perfect for use as a colander or strainer. The durable materials and high quality workmanship also means it can be used for all sorts of vegetables and not just salad items.
  • EASY CLEAN: Conveniently dismantled to allow for easy cleaning and the bowl and basket are also top-rack dishwasher safe.


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