Over The Sink Stainless Steel Oval Colander


Kitchen Utensils

Our oval colander basket filter is very suitable for sieving, filtering and filtering out impurities, and can break down clumps in wet or dry ingredients. Sift flour, sugar and rice. Used for food preparation, such as rinsing and washing fruits, vegetables, grains and pasta. Filter thick or thin wet foods such as sauces, lumpy gravies and soups. Perfect for draining cooked pasta. The uses are unlimited.

Excellent drainage solution-from filtering and rinsing pasta, food, fruits and vegetables to quick-drying tableware, filtering, sieving and similar washing and cooking tasks, you can use this oval colander to complete all of these tasks. The rust-proof and strong fine screen and the foot frame at the bottom make the drying and filtering more effective.

Easy to clean and store-the oval metal colander strainer with wire basket ensures dishwasher safety and enjoys quick and easy maintenance. When not in use, just store it on a shelf, shelf or sink 



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