Corkscrew Rabbit Style Lever Wine Bottle Opener


Kitchen Appliances

Whether its a house warming, birthday, anniversary, christmas or just a Tuesday, wine lovers will need this perfect gift for their special occassion. The Ingenious ergonomic design allows for hassle-free cork removal in just seconds.

  • Heavy-duty zinc alloy, metal gears, smooth finish and unique design.
  • Dual Sharp blade foil cutter & Replaceable bit cut bottle foil neatly and cleanly with just a gentle twist of the wrist.
  • Elegant box to store your opener,attractive and practical gift for your loved one
  • 30 days


Brand  JUMYI
Colour Silver
Item Weight 653 g
Product Dimensions 12 x 5 x 11 cm
Material Zinc Alloy


How to use?
1. Firmly grasp the grip handles with one hand and swing lever to full open position., put the opener over the bottle until it stops in the exact position.
2. Grip the bottle neck firmly with the grip handles, slowly bring the lever up and return to closed position, the screw has been driven fully into the cork and is ready to pull the cork.
3. Keep a firm grip on the bottle neck with the handles and slowly lift the lever back to the open position.
4. Take the cork out of the bottle.
Revert to finished method:
1. Firstly bring the lever back to closed position.
2. Grasp the cork with the handles and swing the lever into the open position.
3. Catch the cork which falls from black screw in the palm of your hands.
Our wine bottle opener is quality-made with durable metal parts, so you won't be replacing it anytime soon. It's a sleek and stylish addition to any bar or kitchen, whether you're an avid oenophile or just like a nice glass of Pinot with dinner!
Comes beautifully presented in a lined box. A classy gift for a wedding, bridal shower, bnirthday & more!
1. Easy to use / little force
2. Includes handy foil cutter
3. Durable construction
4. Easy-grip rubberized handles
5. Sleek & stylish-looking
6.Beautifully boxed for storage / gifting


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