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Three Days Recipe Subscription From Ilemilele


Cook your way and explore all kinds of meals. The recipe boxes contains all the fresh pre-portioned ingredients and a recipe book you need to make a mouth watering meal, delivered right to your doorstep. 

Like variety? Each day you'll receive a box full of different pre portioned ingredients to explore your taste buds.

It makes a great gift for the keen cook in the family, or to expand your own culinary horizons!

Each subscription box contains the spices to make a meal to feed four people. 

This is a three days subscription - for longer options, fill in the additional box at the checkout or contact us.

This product is also available as a corporate gift.



* You buy the subscription gift, and in the "Delivery Address" at checkout, put the address of the recipient of the box. If this is a gift for someone, then this needs to be their address.

* You pick your recipe 

* Within the next 2-3 working days we send the recipient their recipe box.