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Personalised Yoga Practise For One-Three By The Mat Series


On our journey to heal and find peace, we must look at our state of well-being from all angles- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The Mat Series yoga experience allows you to connect to humanity in a unique way, uniting body, mind and spirit. Faith is a Certified Registered Yoga Teacher and founder of The Mat Series. She offers a one-of-a-kind service to individuals of different backgrounds that are structured to expand awareness and promote transformation, understanding that every BODY is different. She works individually with each client, tailoring the experience to each person's needs.

So, stop trawling through YouTube videos of people shaped into Pretzels - design your personalised practice.

She is available to guide all levels of yoga practitioners (beginners, Intermediate and advanced), individuals with lower and upper back injuries, knee injuries and prenatal and kids yoga.