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Packing, Unpacking And Organization Service By Svelte Professional Organisers


Packing and unpacking are dreaded words that bring up visions of boxes, boxes and more boxes. Good news — it doesn’t have to feel this way! As a Professional Organizer we can make this transition easier.

So are you looking to get perfectly organized? Do you know someone who would love to have their living/work space organized? Then nothing screams “perfect gift” than an organized space by Svelte Professional Organizers!

SPO provides custom organization solutions to both residential and commercial spaces including living areas, closets, pantry, stores, bedrooms, playrooms, home offices, kitchens, etc. Simply saying, we are Professional Organizers bringing order to one Lagos space at a time! We are tidy, declutter, organize and bring harmony to your space! No matter how big or small, SPO can revamp the space and show you the best way to utilise your living and storage areas. The aim is to provide skills to our clients, create order where it is lacking and long term improvements to keep disorder at bay in their respective spaces. 

There are different packages for different situations, and all are based on your unique situation. 

Regular Sized Space: 33,000

Medium Sized Space: 44,000

Large Sized Space: 55,000

Customised service tailored to your needs instead? Contact us please.