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One Week Meal Subscription That's Seasonal And Earth Friendly By Verte Cuisine


Do you dread going to the grocery store after a long work day? Are you sick of that take-out from across the street? It can be hard taking the time out of our busy, fast-paced lives to make it to the grocery store every week to cook a healthy, home-cooked meal. This is where a healty meal delivery service comes into play. (Yes, you read that right, 'healthy'). Having healthy, organic food delivered right to your door or maybe even at work can save you time and help pave the way for a more healthy lifestyle. We are beyond grateful that this awesome meal delivery service has our backs and are making healthy eating much less of a time suck. 



Verte Cuisine is a professional personal chef service owned and operated by Chef Oluwatitofunmi Odubanjo. This company offers healthy weekly and monthly meal planning and food delivery services which include Nigerian and Continental meals. All about healthier options and cleaner versions of classic comfort foods. 


Weekly Menu Development:​ Menu is created by Chef Tofunmi Odubanjo and sent out to clients prior to the beginning of the week. Clients confirm menu, after which weekly procurement of premium and organic ingredients for meal preparation takes place. Note:​ Weekly menu can not be altered after client confirmation.