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Marrón Scented Candle


This delightfully floral and woody scent from Acacia studios takes you on a most wonderful journey between the east and the west.

It fully celebrates the floral essences of the sweet rose and jasmine, and the oud wood a rare and exotic luxurious ingredient from the Middle East. 

Candles from Acaciastudios are clean burning with soy/paraffin wax and natural wicks.

Indulge your senses with our luxury oud scented candle.


Candle weight: 14.2oz.

Head notes: Sweet rose, Arabian oud, Jasmine.


* All Acaciastudios Products Are Made With Quality Materials, However To Enjoy Maximum Satisfaction From Your Candle, Please: -Dust With A Soft Cloth. - After Candle Has Burned Completely Through, Place Container Under Hot Water To Dissolve Remaining Wax.